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The Internet is full of information on a variety of subjects of interest to educators. Here is a list of sites to get you started surfing the Web.

US Department of Education site that takes you to resources in math, science, language arts, technology, reading and other academic areas.

Know It All
This SCETV web resources site is particularly suited for South Carolina educational activities and resources.

EDUREF (Educator's Reference Desk)
The Educator's Reference Desk builds on more than a quarter century of experience providing high-quality resources and services to the educational community. From the Information Institute of Syracuse, the people who created AskERIC, the Gateway to Educational Materials, and the Virtual Reference Desk, the Educator's Reference Desk brings 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses.

Global SchoolNet
The Global Schoolhouse is a web site devoted to online collaborative projects. It offers access to others' projects and allows teachers to post their own.

NASA Projects
This site provides information on NASA projects, complete with an extensive collection of images from space, plus information on NASA workshops and partnership opportunities for educators.

Educators can submit their papers to this online journal and exchange ideas.

Knight Foundation
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation promotes journalistic excellence and provides grants for community-based projects. South Carolina chapters exist in Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

NEA (National Education Association)
The National Education Association's web site provides updates on school information and policies and reports on recent legislative actions.

NSBA (National School Boards Association)
The National School Board Association's web site offers reports and news from school boards around the country. This site is a chat room for teachers, as well as a lesson plan bank.

U.S. Department of Education (postsecondary education)
This is the US Department of Education's postsecondary education web site.

U.S. Department of Education (Federal GEAR UP web site)
This federal GEAR UP web site provides information on each state's program and lists yearly GEAR UP award winners.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress catalogs information, including historical archives, legislative information, and exhibition summaries.

National Institutes of Health
The National Institutes of Health's web site provides health and science resources, in both English and Spanish. This site also links to other NIH institutes.

The Ultimate Guide to Student Contests
This site offers a database of student contests for many different qualifications and talents.

U.S. Department of Education
The US Department of Education advises educators, students, and parents on planning for college on this site. It also reviews new federal education policies and evaluates financial options.

bigfuture by The College Board
Get a free step-by-step college planning guide and explore careers.

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