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1122 Lady Street, Suite 300
Columbia SC 29201
Phone: 1.888.200.0562
Fax: 803.734.2279

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Here’s some information about available scholarship and funding opportunities.

Both the state of South Carolina and the federal government provide scholarships and grants. Some scholarships are merit-based programs, which mean that students have to meet certain grade requirements and compete for the money. Most grants are needs-based programs, which mean that the amount of money a student receives is based on how much financial help he or she needs.

There are a variety of scholarships and grants available to South Carolina students attending higher education institutions.

  • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  • LIFE Scholarship
  • SC HOPE Scholarship
  • Lottery Tuition Assistance
  • SC Need-based Grant
  • Veteran Education and Training Benefits
  • Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)
  • Higher Education Awareness Program (HEAP)

For detailed information about the scholarship and grant programs administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education:

  • Visit
  • Call 803-737-2260 or toll-free at 877-349-7183
Or, contact your Graduation Coach for more information.

Hey, it’s free money. See if you can qualify!

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